Blockchain Security & Smart Contract Audits

Security is number one priority in blockchain space. Our services can help everyone from startups to enterprised launches. Make you dream DApp come true!

Secure & Safe
We deeply analyze the smart contracts under the doing the line by line 2-stage audit and cover the smart contracts with tests when developing for our clients.
Faster than light
Audit reports with the recommendations how to fix the bugs and mitigate the risks delivered in ~ 10h up to 5 days.
We provide an express audit for FREE analyzing the code for several bugs. However a full line by line manual audit is a paid service, we fully utilize our developers and able to keep low prices for audits.
Why do you need audit?
Identify Errors & Risks

Have your code reviewed by CertiK’s team of seasoned security experts.

Remediate Vulnerabilities

Receive reporting and recommendations on how to remediate vulnerabilities.

Verify Your Contracts

Prove the correctness of your contract code with highly scalable Formal Verification techniques.

Steps to getting audited
Project Definition

Prepare a whitepaper and smart sontracts about your project.

Smart contract reviewed by professionals

We perform multiple analysis processes in parallel on your code, then conduct a manual review to uncover any anomalies.


We deliver a comprehensive report with vulnerability details, mitigation guidance, and options for continuous verification.

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